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Hi y’all,

Welcome to my little corner of internet. I’m Allie Bock, western romance writer.

I’m also a real life veterinarian. I have worked all over the country practicing veterinary medicine. My fondest memories come from when I was working as a large animal veterinarian in the Heartland. Most of my clients were serious cattlemen raising cow/calf herds on lush green pasture. I also worked in Texas on a working ranch with tons of Brahma cross cattle and hundreds of horses.

Now, I reside in the snowy tundra of Minnesota, practicing equine veterinary medicine.

Besides being a veterinarian, I have been horse crazy since I was little. My first horse was an ancient Shetland pony. Eventually, I graduated to horses and rode every chance I got. My mom installed a bell on our front porch to ring for supper to call us kids home when we were out riding.

I married a retired bull rider turned cowboy. He acts as my fact checker for rodeos and bull rides and is my beta reader. We spend our free time riding our horses, Amber and Charlie, across the fields. Amber holds a special place in my heart as she has been my horse for over 20 years. I’ll tell you more about her in the future.

Tank,the best writing companion

Another important member of my writing team is my Longhair Dachshund, Tank. He is my writing buddy and muse. He lays under my desk as I write.

I love to tell love stories that feature what life is really like in the country. My ranchers and cowboys care about their animals and the land. The heroines are strong women who can solve their problems. But they want a man to be their partner in the crazy journey of life.

If you like slow burn romance with plenty of action, handsome cowboys, and lots of horses, my books are for you.

To hear more from me, join my Substack at I share life updates and writing updates.

Until next time! Hugs,